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The Hour Hand

We know the clock face features moving hands,but we can’t watch the motion of the onefor hours. Everybody understandsit moves, yet eyes do not perceive its run.In growing up with analog, our frameof reference thus includes the metaphorthat shift occurs … Continue reading

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No News

As soon as we swore in the very worstof presidents, I started gulping news.I watched the talking heads and faces firstand soon expanded reading, seeking cluesand understanding. Knowing we’re self-curseddid little to assuage, and truth abusedcompounded tragedy. Of late I’ve … Continue reading

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Filter Value

I wavered at the academic gates –Should I attend the university?Or get to work at once, creatively?What benefit to further school awaits? My father had an answer good for me.He pointed to a million books, and saidif I encountered decent … Continue reading

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Flailing Sestina

I dabbled in Old Norse at 22,which meant I got Icelandic history.I learned that when a culture’s in demise,when petty kings are facing bitter change,they’re driven to record what’s ending then,with words and pictures or revolting ways. When England turned … Continue reading

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