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She knows that she’s an Ashkenazi Jew: near-sighted, good with numbers, big of nose. The other word (Sephardic) isn’t true of her, and every Jew is these or those. She feels she ought to like Gefilte fish and potted meat, … Continue reading

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Baby Pain

When you were six months old, your father left. It wasn’t his idea, and my belief that you were too unformed to feel bereft, was wrong – you just lacked language for your grief. When you were almost three, my … Continue reading

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Ham on Wry

I am an honest person. Like my father, I’m ethical, considerate, and fair. Of course I dabbled in dishonesty when I was a kid. But I generally did it to make the story better, rather than to avoid responsibility or … Continue reading

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Slowing Start

I’m sure there were occasions in my youth when I awoke and bounded out of bed… before a trip to Disneyland, if truth be told, or with a camping trip ahead. And in my prime I functioned fairly well the … Continue reading

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I lately like my body so, I move around sometimes when I’ve no place to go. I stopped sweet treats and started to improve, and hungered less for starches than to know unvarnished facts. Before a year had passed I … Continue reading

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A prized possession? I don’t want a thing I have to guard, maintain, protect. I feel there’s too much work in that. Inhabiting my mind and meting theories are my real affinities, the goods that never quit. I’ve danced inside … Continue reading

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June Heat Wave

The heat has been remarkable today. I took a walk in it – that flattened me. Without A/C or tasks, I tried to lay as low as possible, and thanked each tree that frames the yard my cottage occupies. My … Continue reading

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Mother Love

I grew up with a boy bias. I took after my father and didn’t like to hang with Mom. She was into shopping and fashion and recipes and gossip; I preferred Dad’s philosophy, science, and math puzzles. Mom didn’t read … Continue reading

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I understood the terms. I thought I knew an extrovert from introvert. I called myself gregarious but loner through and through. Of course that’s me. Now I’m appalled – surprised at least – I took two tests online, and landed … Continue reading

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26 Years Ago

I remember 1991: Alaska cruising with my mom and dad. We got along quite well. That trip was fun and genial; we all agreed we had good times, and disembarked with memories as sparkling as the glacial ice we met. … Continue reading

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