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Body Lesson

I had a haircut yesterday. The chair was pumped to handy height, and I conversed as commas fell. I like the people there and thought I was relaxed, at least at first, but when my stylist placed a steady palm … Continue reading

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Three years ago, I gave up eating sweet desserts, nocturnal snacks of chocolate bites, and gourmet cookies too. I rarely cheat- ed that proscription, based on what indicts the party line: the anti-science Plate. Amazingly, I didn’t feel a lack. … Continue reading

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Self-confidence and core intelligence are unrelated mental qualities. We’ve all known individuals as dense as mud, who think their own abilities exceed the smarts of everyone they meet. With visage smug and posture stiff-assured, they act as if development’s complete, … Continue reading

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A Day Off

I woke today with normal energy. I wrote and took my morning exercise while reading and with coffee next to me. I showered then and dashed off quick replies to texts from family. And when I looked for other tasks, … Continue reading

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Obscenity (A Metaphor)

A piece without redeeming social worth is often classed among obscenities. Offensiveness without an edge of mirth, with nastiness and gross gratuities, is how the court defines the types of porn. Another trait peculiar to all smut is rapid loss … Continue reading

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This winter weather isn’t normal here. I state that not to argue or complain. The other coast, the other hemisphere have got it worse, but we’re bereft of rain. The squirrels race around like early spring. Mid-January hummingbirds abound. Oxalis … Continue reading

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Baby Eyes

Are infants wise until they learn to speak? Can children see the goodness in our souls as well as the reverse? When grownups seek to gauge companions, have they lost controls that served them well before they thought at length? … Continue reading

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I changed my voicemail greeting every day. It centered me, and let my callers know if I was likely to be reached that way, until last year. I bid the custom go, retiring. Still, I kept a calendar on paper: … Continue reading

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Weird Place, Weird Time

A splash of sunshine on a wooden floor, a leafless tree with sparrows on its limbs, a cloud-white teasing sky that should hold more of rain for us, but winter storms are flim- sy here – so far this year … Continue reading

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Because We Failed to Act Like We Took it Seriously

A year ago, or once upon a time, a race was won by an incompetent. Exhibiting no quality a prime executive must own, belligerent, bombastic and unsure, his victory surprised his own supporters even more than how it rocked the … Continue reading

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