They mostly call me Marilynn. That’s been going on for decades, while I collected life experiences and tried to describe them. It’s been a blessed, humorous, fascinating trip so far and I’ve been sputtering at the craziness for years. My late dog thought her name was WTF, she heard me mutter it so often. This site is for my public sputtering.

I intend to write down some of the stories I’ve been telling. I hope to print up some of the sonnets I’ve penned, along with recommendations about that hobby. I’ll get into what I’ve learned living in small houses and with less stuff.

Most of what I post are Less-ons. I chuckle as I type: but they might be Mor-ons. I looked up the word “moron.” My print dictionary says it’s from the Greek for foolish, it’s like a child age 8 – 12, and it’s the highest classification of mental deficiency, definitely above imbecile and idiot.

Update on May 10, 2012: Apparently there were 188 Lessons I wanted to describe. I seemed to have finished that project, for now. As I wrote lessons I learned one: that it’s far better to teach by telling stories than by declaring. So I’m self-publishing poems and fiction pieces.

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