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Long O’s

Unpacking clothing from before the globewent into semi-quarantine and closedthe venues I addressed from my wardrobe,I found some raiment I forgot. Disposed,I’d thought, disposed to spend my days in robeand slipper socks. I clad myself and posedbefore the mirror and … Continue reading

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Your Vacation

That now and then I bore myself is true.It doesn’t mean a lack of self-esteem,but just that I’ve grown stale in point of view –perspective skewed’s a muddy, raveled seem.Of late the one who’s tiresome is you;your unoriginality’s extreme.So though … Continue reading

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Her mother didn’t meet her loving need.She fed the baby and she clothed the child,but feelings were a theme she didn’t heed –her daughter’s pain was never reconciled.She wouldn’t host a longing or a pet.All practical, she shopped and cleaned … Continue reading

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Ant Visit

The tiny ants that visit every yearcan easily be crushed with fingertip.December weather makes them show up here,but I don’t see a trail or find the source.They don’t make me acquire killing gearor poison pots – they’re simply not that … Continue reading

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Seasonal Grace

I gave up Bah and Humbug years ago,when I imagined cold without Noel.No longer do I rant at how we throwour time to shop the way these times compel.But yesterday my heart began to grow –with warmth and care I … Continue reading

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Clever Evolution

If I were a virus with aim to succeed,I wouldn’t kill hosts that are filling my need.I’d propagate quickbut not make them too sick,reducing their drive to abolish my breed.

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The nouns come first, when learning how to speak,for babies, Tarzan, immigrants and all.(Like God we name, but way beyond a week).Then when we, aging, start to misplace words,it’s person-place-or-thing that forms the leak –the soonest got becomes the soonest … Continue reading

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Covid Positive

Although his pre-school’s closed for 14 days,a teacher tested positive, we hear.So now we follow protocols. He staysat home and monitored, lest signs appear.The family gets tested – in a weekwe’re okay to assemble and embrace,if neither test results nor … Continue reading

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The Contest

Life’s not a competition (yes it is),but I can’t help comparing me to you,as if there were a semi-weekly quizthat I am motivated to get through,contesting for a chair more soft than his,a stronger mate than hers, a better view.When … Continue reading

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I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe in magic or in luck.I don’t have playing cards up any sleeve.I’ve never been by fortune thunderstruck.I don’t believe. I play at solitaire. The games relievesome homely hours, till I find I’m stuckwith card arrays no genius … Continue reading

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