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Peeve (Subjective I)

The older I become, the more I hatebehavior impolite or words that tryto rile. I have learned to modulatethe older I. I never went for any sort of lie.There’s murk and chaos in dishonest state.Exaggeration makes me question why. But … Continue reading

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How to Fuck Yourself

I noticed failure and it puzzled me.A person I respect and know is smartdecided to restrict her tendencyto buy another purse. I watched her start.I heard the resolution to be freeof sales for half a year. No shopping cartwould tempt … Continue reading

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Oaks Bottom

Oaks Bottom was our site on Saturday.Two miles and a half of out and back,between the rains, between the swamp and swayof moss and lichen, on a muddy track.The owls we requested were away,but ducks were dipping down without a … Continue reading

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Zero, One (OI)

Obnoxious was the attitude last night.And boring was the wish to disappear.The tone morose, the body language tight,one might assume there’s suffering. It’s clearthe teenager would rather not be nearthe family. Big deal. That’s no surprise.It’s not a disability or … Continue reading

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Nice Morning

Fatigued and travel-stressed, I rested welllast night and woke an hour late today.I had alone-time then, a pleasant spellof news and coffee, and I got to playthe solitaire I wished. I’d things to telland hear when she returned. A small … Continue reading

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The Relative Traveler

“I can’t keep track of where you are,” Mom said.My brother asked, “You’re flying off again?”My oldest friend observed I often headup north to spend some days with family.I have no wanderlust. In fact I dreadmy absence from the nest … Continue reading

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Local(e) Benefits

How fortunate I feel for living here.Not only does this cottage suit my soul,but I selected gentle atmosphere,away from floodplains, chosen with a goalof walking where I need, with merchants near,and thus with timing under my control.You’ve heard me advocate … Continue reading

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Don’t heed me now. I’m no authorityon building rhyme and specifying howone might’s well work at writing poetry.Don’t heed me now. The syntax needs be natural. I’ll allowa word’s reflecting etymology(its present obsolete or middlebrow). But don’t abuse good sense … Continue reading

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We planted succulents a year ago.Removing ivy and some old bamboo,I wanted drought-resistant green to grow,intent to tuck the roots in rocks. But yousaid soil wouldn’t stay in place, and sowe wedged in pots (some hidden, some in view).They did … Continue reading

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I wrong her when I say she shut me downthe days I tried to tell her how I felt.What hurt was her disdain – that sour frownand “Can it!” never made my passion melt.But now I see distinction – there … Continue reading

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