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Fair Fare

This month we’ve gottenride discounts on all BART trains.Fair fare feels deserved.

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On the Stranger Who Paid Our Tab

What prompted him to buy us wine and food,and leave before we voiced our gratitude?Did we remind him of a mother dearto him, but missed or gone this awful year?Was he in a nostalgic sort of mood? Did he receive … Continue reading

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Six days from now I’ll journey to the north(when this is posted, I’ll be one day there,arising from an air bed, first of fourthsunrises, forecast mild, okay air).I’ll be away from home – the trade is fair:my privacy for love … Continue reading

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Filter Value

I wavered at the academic gates –Should I attend the university?Or get to work at once, creatively?What benefit to further school awaits? My father had an answer good for me.He pointed to a million books, and saidif I encountered decent … Continue reading

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Rest After the Overnight

I woke at 4 this morning, after 6unbroken hours fast asleep in bed,to see the dark of rain on wood and bricks.I hadn’t heard its patter overhead.My slumber was too solid – I was deadto interruption, deep in dreaming rest.I … Continue reading

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Talking to a Four Year Old

They keep on asking him “Did you have fun?”He answers “yes” because that seems to please,like when they shoot and bid him to say “cheese.” It’s not my place to quarrel – he’s their son –but empty questions beg polite … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Mask

Upon the table, by the door,Shibori-dyed with indigo,I walked without it to the store:the mask I dislike wearing so. I own five more of cloth and twothat makers claim will filter flowof virus particles (untrue):these masks I dislike wearing so. … Continue reading

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One PM

It’s 1 p.m. and I am done today.I rose before the sun and haven’t stopped.I dealt with exercise, this H.O.A;I made three scheduled calls and then I shopped.Deciding to relax before I dropped,I’m sitting with a book and salad now,and … Continue reading

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Testing Testing Testing

Awaiting Covid test results for someI love who feel a little off this date,who operate with different rules of thumbregarding symptoms likely to abate,I plan to amble over, through their gate,and into rooms I’m sure are clean enough.I’ll let the … Continue reading

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Word Origin

I love to be at home, but here’s the rub –no matter how determined I’m to rest,relaxing on my couch or in the tub,attempting to feel easy, lazy, blessed,I notice what needs dusting, or I scruba surface I ignored when … Continue reading

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