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A Few Cherished Hours

I haven’t had the time to write a poemthe last two days, with all the doing here.The solitude and silence of my homeis missing in this loving atmosphere.There’s conversation to be had – it’s clearwe want to cook the meals … Continue reading

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Travel Pt 2

Exaggerating yesterday – indeed,there’s more for me to travel than return.The treks and touring always seem to feedimagination. Sure each time I yearnfor home, but my displacement plants a seedthat after-nurture sprouts. And so I learn.It discombobulates, but could be … Continue reading

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It’s never been unmitigated funto travel to or with my family.That’s not because of them or anyoneoutside myself – the issue is with me.I’ve always loved my time alone. I shun,as far as I recall, all company.Except (and here’s the … Continue reading

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Moving a Book

Three years ago a book I bought arrived,assembled by some family and boundin vibrant colors for the folks who strivedto show support, or loved the art they found,that issued from the mind of someone downedby injury to brain and drawing … Continue reading

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I watched you take yourself off nicotine,abruptly and without a backward slip.I witnessed when you altered your routine,eliminating alcohol with grace.It’s true your sister tried to intervene;a few of us made comments that you heard.But you cold-turkey quit. What do … Continue reading

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I don’t use ketchup often any more.I’m meatless and I seldom go for fries.But sometimes I want cocktail sauce, a pourof Louie dressing (Thousand satisfies).I visited my tiny local store,assuming I could add to home suppliesa little jar. Imagine my … Continue reading

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Defending the Rental

“McMansion” is the way his mom portrayedthe place they rented from AirBnB.He didn’t understand what she conveyed,and asked her to explain. “Monstrosity”she didn’t say. “It housed our family –enormous but not fine, to be precise.”He pondered and then ventured critically,“That’s … Continue reading

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They had me skip a grade when I was young.From 3rd to 4th they boosted me mid-year.They thrust me into higher math amonga group of kids I didn’t know. My spheretransformed, I raced to learn to multiply(my 7’s, 8’s and … Continue reading

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It’s How You Choose

It’s how you choose and what you juxtaposethat meet the mark of creativity.It isn’t training or proclivity –it’s how you choose. The gear you use, the medium that shows?They never matter much, but entropyand affectation lead to travesty.It’s how you … Continue reading

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The Vote Results

The vote results arriving made me grin.I marvel at the sign of catapultsfrom hopelessness to joy, from how to spinthe vote results. I’ve savored hatred toward the MAGA cults,but now I’m proud to be American.We turn in expectation like adults. … Continue reading

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