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Worst Best Friend

I push against the planet when I walk, caress my iron thighs when I’m in bed, but I don’t have a buddy I can talk about this with, for she’s involved instead with jagged cycles of pathology and seesaws in … Continue reading

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When I became a mom at 26, I quit my job and thought I’d write a book. I didn’t have a clue about the fix I entered then – I didn’t know it took so much to raise a human … Continue reading

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I like to answer questions. I won’t duck a query, and I never “just because.” But yesterday I had a what-the-fuck occasion, when my daughter made me pause. “So how are you?” she asked. It’s been a while, and I … Continue reading

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Her tail can be disruptive as the surf, inscribing in the air a hemi-dome, for when my dog is first released on turf, her nether end darts like a metronome. Her ecstasy’s reflected in the move, like counterpoint to action … Continue reading

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I try to write at least three poems a week. The exercise promotes ideas and themes. I won’t pretend my passions teem, or seek expression fervently. The process seems a bit like dreaming, juxtaposing line with image, pulling or compressing … Continue reading

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The New Job

Transitioning to new devices, shook and catalyzed by this environment, I’m modulating since I undertook a two-day pull from my retirement. Now I commute an unfamiliar route, and stay where I don’t live, and spend the day with novelty. I … Continue reading

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It was about a quarter century ago, when Del got sued. The subpoena came as a total surprise, but she understood the complaint, somewhat, after she got past the scary solemn phrases. A client had undergone a pension audit, and … Continue reading

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CC Preserve

I thought I knew the neighborhood I dwelled within, when I endured that last divorce. But after weeks alone, one day impelled to take a different turn, I set my course for north – turned left – and there before … Continue reading

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Room Temperature

Progressing with deletion for two years, deriving only added good from less, concluding fats are better than my fears, and feeling strong’s addictive, I confess I hadn’t thought of adding stuff instead. I knew I understood the regimen. So I … Continue reading

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Elbow Room

My days are changing rapidly. Routines begun when I was young and multi-tasked, refined in middle age, are not the means to any end for which I planned or asked. It used to be, I kept a list of goals … Continue reading

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