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Predicting iffy weather at both ends of my short flight, I took those words to heart at first. Complaining to my patient friends, and strategizing how to not depart right then, I amped myself impressively. But tickets non-refundable have heft … Continue reading

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My life is sometimes comfortable these days. At 66 I’ve finally outgrown anxiety and nerves that used to craze my self-esteem and make my timber moan. Perhaps the thing I needed all these years was leisure time without attendant guilt, … Continue reading

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At least ten years ago I heard it: If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. I memorized that whiff of wisdom, locked it in like magic code, for it’s too good to lose. I … Continue reading

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The president is crazy, most insist, but is the case insanity or more a cognitive condition so far missed by shrinks and teachers? Here’s DSM 4, and now its superseder – version 5. So we know demagogues and narcissists, but … Continue reading

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Emma breasts the room like an ocean liner. She’s plump and appears corseted, but the effect is owing to good posture and a tight bodice. I think dowager when I look at her. I’m forty-six, the youngest of the five … Continue reading

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I paid attention to the weathermen who said one winter cannot cure the drought. Reiterating over and again, depressing me and stripping me of doubt, they said that we’d need years of average rain to make us goodly wet, and … Continue reading

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A Nice Mean

Admittedly my mother’s quick to see the problem with whatever’s in her view. She schooled me from my infancy to be expressly judge and jury. “Loving you, I feel I have the right to let you know the ways you … Continue reading

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Sliding into Sleep

There isn’t much to dream about, when young. A baby doesn’t have a point of view with depth perspective, and the infant tongue’s unused to frame. A child has too few thematic memories to build a plot sufficiently complex to … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Streams

I won’t permit anxiety about this winter rain. So what if there’s a leak? That’s nothing as depressing as the drought, and skylights are less trouble than the creek I nestled near, for ten and seven years. These current storms … Continue reading

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Record Snow

Libby isn’t a comfortable traveler. It doesn’t matter how often she’s been someplace; she gets nervous before leaving home and a part of her stays home, pulling her back like a drafting compass, making her count the hours or days … Continue reading

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