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Becoming Lilith

If menstruating women bring bad luck, and childbirth’s a devil-daring deed, if every woman hungers for a fuck and ultimately has no other need, if feminine equipment is impure, unruly both in body and in mind, and women must be … Continue reading

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I recollect the texture of his lips and long to nibble them: to take them in between my own and mumble till one slips away and leaves me room to discipline the other. I adore them as his flesh, but … Continue reading

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The Carburetor

My BFF is eccentric. Actually, that’s putting it mildly. She’s high-functioning or they would have locked her up long ago. She describes herself as a 5½ year old adult. Mel maintains that she was forced to become a grownup during … Continue reading

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Question #3

Today I added question number 3 to every morning’s catechism. Now I start by asking what necessity demands of me, and then I query how I shall indulge myself for labor done. Add this: What makes today unique? Why see … Continue reading

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Aunt Lilith

The first divergent thinker, Lilith was the older sister to our mother Eve, the spinster aunt exiled from us, because she wouldn’t necessarily believe. The second woman disobedience and from it time and death bequeathed to us, but Lilith willed … Continue reading

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To My First Fledgling

I’ve tried to show you everything I know. I’ve paid in parenting the patient price. But let me emphasize before you go away from me the gist of my advice. And take it with the wisdom of your time: react, … Continue reading

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In My Room

“Let’s buy a duplex” I advised my spouse, “so we can live together and apart.” But he insisted we must share a house, a couch, a bed, opinions – head and heart in harmony, forever every day, the sum of … Continue reading

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The situation’s even worse than feared. I’m not a Chicken Little – I don’t cry at bogeymen – I know the weather’s weird, but never have I run heat in July, until today. I’m calm but what-the-fuck I say this … Continue reading

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Mono Craters

Volcanic action formed the valley floor, and capped itself with pumice domes that locked obsidian within, until the more insistent pressure blew the caps, unblocked the boulders vitreous and black, and hurled material of fire ash and sand that laid … Continue reading

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I grew up bright, with brave ambition for my banner, motivation, and excuse. But one day 20 years ago (or more) I put a house around me to produce a family instead of poetry. In consequence my energy was soon … Continue reading

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