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It’s Mostly Not

It’s mostly not an age-related ill.She’s ancient but her memory’s not shot.Her hatred’s from no side-effect or pill.It’s mostly not. If you remember vigor, you forgotshe tapped it from a fountain of ill-will.She never laughed. She didn’t hug a lot. … Continue reading

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When he was 1, his interest in the worldso notable, his gaze reminded meto see the trees and flowers that unfurledbefore our eyes, the sights so gorgeouslyavailable, resplendent, magicallyarrayed. Too soon a screen kidnapped his mind.He couldn’t tear his eyes … Continue reading

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Appreciation (A Pushkin Sonnet)

Existence seems a precious state of being –a rare and lucky possibility,with creatures capable of somehow seeing,to finite age before mortality.I wasn’t born an ant (and that’s appealing) –I’m able to sense consciousness and feeling.I wasn’t doomed to be a … Continue reading

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A 2 raised to the power 5 resultsin tallied years since they had their affair.For 10 days then, two middle-aged adultsconversed, exposed, laid every detail bare.Outgoing both, they’d neither had a sharein any love so easy to convey.And though since … Continue reading

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Other People’s Problems

I bought the cottage 15 years ago.Its genesis in 1944was guest room in the yard, where it won’t show,behind a single-family shingled house.A college town, the place would undergoprogression into flats to rent, then buy.An H.O.A. of 5 at last, … Continue reading

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Brain Draft

Accused of thinking she knows everything,she’s smart enough to know that isn’t so.With every step of knowledge furthering,she glimpses how much farther she could go.And when she tries suppressing signs she’s bright,she fails to pull the bushel really tight.The lumens … Continue reading

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Tints & Tones

He saw the world in color, but his coursewas black & white cartoonish absolutes.His superheroes had explosive forceand all his villains acted thorough brutes.A man’s a man, and alpha is preferred;a woman misbehaving is a bitch.And so it stood until … Continue reading

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I Don’t Agree

I don’t agree with classic gender roles.They always seemed irrelevant to me.A human first, ignoring separate goals,I don’t agree. Of course I understand biology,but skeletons and muscles aren’t souls,and consciousness connotes some liberty. Simplistic attitudes are full of holes,and fundament … Continue reading

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Morning Fast

It’s usually not hard to wait till noonto break my fast. I never had a yenfor food on waking – I would just as soonlet most the morning pass without. Back whenI was a kid with parents who’d cocoonme if … Continue reading

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Toward Castro

Succeeding weeks of rain, the air’s so cleanit slaps my cheeks and soothing coats my throat.I’m walking to the Metro, and the sceneis gentle as a promenade. I floaton foot through color, like an antidoteto mudslides, teeming gutters, trees that … Continue reading

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