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Heart’s Desire

I met Carol in college. I was a sophomore. I already had an impressive reputation; I’d cut a swath through the hearts of coeds my first year, ensnaring them myself or manipulating them into infatuations with my friends. I’d learned … Continue reading

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Venus, On Cupid Grown

An eddy of belligerence within a lake of love – that’s how my joy arose: my offspring sprung from me, with satin skin and silken curls and grace that only grows in him more potent with each passing year. From … Continue reading

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Like muddy rivulets, the tiny streams of tapes unravel in the shaded curve of freeway. Here a slingshot bungee seems a snake, a creature flung by someone’s swerve, synthetic roadkill cast among the shapes of concrete fossils, hubcap shards and … Continue reading

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On June 25, 1998

Each day I must remind myself it’s June already; nearly half the year is past. El Niño gave us winter as monsoon, and spring has been unending overcast. Now I’m surprised to see that school is out, announced vacations startle … Continue reading

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What We Learned on Baranof

Rehearsing the order of forest while walking, we learned that first grew the ALDERS, and then came the SPRUCES, until they toppled for HEMLOCKS to rise where they’d fallen or burned, and finally CEDARS survived them to blanket this hill.

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Emma tore her toe on the metal threshold at Jake’s doorway. It happened on the February Tuesday when Jake’s asthma and dust allergy were diagnosed, three hours after Dr. Blankman gave her the pamphlet with the picture of the grossly-enlarged … Continue reading

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The Yard

A fence of pickets rises round a yard of grass homogenous and vibrant green: a rack of ivory towers, upright, hard as phalluses provocative and clean. It takes a village to create a lawn. It took a truckload and a … Continue reading

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Mama’s getting angry bit by bit about behavior inappropriate to time or subject, circumstance or place, among practitioners of self-disgrace. Mama saw the father hit the son and litter old revenge on everyone; observed the man who claimed to be … Continue reading

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Once More, With Feeling

I recollect distraction just like this: a business meeting – full aware that soon my client would remit his deepest kiss, exchanging evening sex for work at noon. Receiving now that pricking focused glance, ingesting food we don’t attend, I … Continue reading

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Singles Club

It’s lonely at the top, I’ve heard expressed by those who have it all. This fact is known to kings and popes and others power-blessed or fortunate, but who is as alone as God? And why have all mythologies proposed … Continue reading

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