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Not Done Yet

A year ago, I thought I might be done with sonnet work, except revising those already written, read by few or none. I’d take a break and maybe turn to prose. I had a thousand little songs or more; I … Continue reading

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The Cold

Two weeks ago I caught a simple cold and carried it to Portland in my chest. I didn’t think it much, but now I’m old enough to feel a wreck and need more rest than I arranged. Compounding as a … Continue reading

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Remembering a comic who assured us if we all agreed to not have kids, then we could trash the place, embrace absurd, and advocate what courtesy forbids, I wonder have we reached that era now, without restraining reproduction’s yield? Are … Continue reading

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My father called me sedentary when I wouldn’t leave my book to come outside. “I’d say you were a vegetable, but then that’s slandering the plants.” And though I’d ride my bicycle, and walk more than allowed, I gathered that … Continue reading

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A while ago I heard that if you let a toddler choose what foods he wants to eat, you’ll see a daily lack of balance, yet if you allow your focus to retreat and capture several days at once, you’ll … Continue reading

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Macro v Micro

The nation is imperilled by the dumb reactions of an unschooled populace. The climate changes while the best are numb and most are trending down to ignorance. A hundred species each year disappear as troubles co-evolve and companies seek profit … Continue reading

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I cut out sugar thirty months ago. I didn’t miss the cookies or the pies. But then I felt my love for cheesecake grow. Indulging now and then, it was a prize I shared when dining out that soon became … Continue reading

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17 Syllables

A small discomfort evokes a response that may result in a pearl.

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Metering Mine

I just couldn’t find anybody I wanted enough to make it worthwhile to patronize coffee shops then. Or maybe it’s really the fact I was carrying stuff from ruptured old unions I’d never subscribe to again. But somehow I got … Continue reading

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