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I’m taking a break. I need time to adjust to some changes, and space in which to stretch. I’ll be back.

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National Anthem

When I was young, my father musicked me (by vinyl records and his reel-to-reel) with opera, Broadway tunes and symphony, in folksongs and their singalong appeal, and Souza marches played by Army bands, with jazz and ragtime, blues and their … Continue reading

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Matriculating 50 years ago, the season of reunion has arrived. I went to two high schools, and so I know too many overall, too few archived to render tender time together now, so I declined attending either drill. But I … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Shops

Overheard in the Elmwood area of Berkeley, one October afternoon, as Del’s path crossed that of a middle-aged couple: He (looking at the “Available” sign where Jeremy’s used to be): “Another one gone.” She (with a glance at the storefront … Continue reading

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Resorting to the dictionary, I was sick of hearing “sacred” used so much. I can’t stop evolution, but I try remembering the roots, to keep in touch with origins. I’m never overnice, but I appreciate syntax and wit. Adoring words, … Continue reading

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At half past nine this morning, as I sat beside my window, reading news and clues to puzzles, I was startled by the flat concussion of a missile off its cruise: a sparrow struck the pane and fell on deck. … Continue reading

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Surprise Ending

Accustomed as I am to be shut up whenever I’m in Mom’s vicinity, as much as I’m determined to put up with disregard for my veracity and memory (and cause she set the tone at home, my dad and brothers … Continue reading

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The Reason Not

I could have set the cheesecake to defrost at 8 p.m. and tasted it by 9: 15, but that would mean I would have lost the benefit of buffering its fine- milled carbohydrate with protective fat. A cheesecake’s best preceded … Continue reading

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Prepared for atom bombs when we were 8, we ducked and covered as the school ran drills. And then the teachers tried to educate our class till we developed earthquake skills. So California kids were taught to dread a cold … Continue reading

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It isn’t fair how fortunate I am. I haven’t great accomplishments or wealth. A member of a loved and loving fam- ily, enjoying more of elder health than all my nuts and exercise deserve, abiding in a friendly neighborhood, in … Continue reading

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