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Like crenellated parapets, or teeth in classic jack-o-lantern mouth, the gears are alternating squares. They skirt a wreath of metal round a rod that disappears to drive an engine with efficiency. Enmeshed to push and disengaged to change, you clutch … Continue reading

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Distracted by synthetic opiate, my hands abuzz, my brain in cozy swirl, I walk a focused mile and forget to look around. Oh I’m a murky girl today – I have too little I must do. So I allow these … Continue reading

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J’s Son

I knew Jason wasn’t an average kid when I met him. His family bought the house next door in what amounted to an emotional distress sale, so the address was already interesting, and at first I thought that might be … Continue reading

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The alchemists envision symmetries. Astrologers exalt the influence of planets. In the dance of their degrees the templars search for prime intelligence. But how can simple hold complexities? A toy bedecked with mirrors is no tool. A talk is tuned … Continue reading

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The agapanthus flowers wilt to heads upon their columns, as October nods. Their spinal stems are still supporting shreds of petals limp between the oval pods. Like kindergartners new to school, they stand in clumps before proceeding to their class. … Continue reading

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Autumnal blue’s the color over me at noon today, as if a cup of night were softened with a swirl of foggy white, and all the frosted oxygen is free. October orange is the imagery projected through my eyelids by … Continue reading

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The walnut limb outside my study sprang as violently as a trampoline, when warring squirrels landed there and sang their bicker, chittering alarms between the balding branch and soaring central bole. Then up that trunk and down they loudly chased, … Continue reading

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Dinner Comment

I dined last night with she-who-must-be-heard, and listened to at least one pithy thought about myself – my friend can use a word to show a mind observing as it ought. Across a table of compelling food, between the bells … Continue reading

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Here Now

Now autumn enters us by slow degrees, insinuating fog, inserting chill before the rising sun, and draining trees that hibernate of verdant chlorophyll. We’re warm as summer all the afternoon, but longer is the arrow of that light. The sun … Continue reading

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Post Conference Stress Relief

One hundred forty syllables I’ll choose. I won’t elide, apostrophize or cheat by forcing metric tricks. The theme I’ll use is autumn on my cheeks, beneath my feet, around my neck as I proceed down Rose, at half past ten … Continue reading

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