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I’m not against vaccines. I’ve had my two,but I don’t swallow science-y reports.I fell for their pronouncements, to eschewthe fats I flourish on and take in quartsof “healthy” grains, which hastened my decline.I feed my skeptic now – I follow … Continue reading

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So much of what I thought I understoodis contradicted by the recent past.My turf was a suburban neighborhood –of course I thought that ambience would last.But values taught as permanent and goodwere post-war pushes, marketed so fastand flashy, flooding on … Continue reading

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My father taught us love of analog,in logic, setting levels, any clock.It’s like a science simile – a cogescapement powering, tick-tock,an output with no staggered on/off shock,perceivable to senses from afar.He taught us how to angle and unlocka compass point, … Continue reading

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Biology Class

Planaria I recollect a bit,and how the legs of frogs resemble ours,but vivid is reserved for when we hitthe cranium of fetal pig. It jarsme even now – our sample’s brain unfit,that puddled out like pudding. My memoirsshould be significant, … Continue reading

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Things Going Wrong

Appalled at power plundering for purse,as civics catalyze calamity –Astounded at pandemic’s climbing curseand how deficient all our remedy –Attacked by fires every year grown worse,with acres scorched and sick air quality –Our lust to breathe outside is nothing strange;the … Continue reading

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Cause and Effect

Remember when the sun appeared each day?When sky at 2 p.m. was nothing strange?I understand the cause with full dismay:the term for it of late is climate change.We saw it coming 60 years ago.My father gave me Silent Spring to … Continue reading

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