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The Downside

We have to notice threats. We’ve got no claws or fangs for combat, nor a wing for flight. We think and link and manufacture laws. We master fire to deflect the night. We’re wired to react when something’s wrong, attuned … Continue reading

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Dim Wittedness

The ugly duckling wanted to fit in – he tried and failed belonging to the nest. The solitary black sheep hates his skin and wool, because it’s different from the rest. But after several seasons’ unsuccess, some nonconforming creatures try … Continue reading

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My first financial district job, the work was varied – words and figures I’d produce. But my direct employer was a jerk who never taught me anything of use. He wasn’t smart, and he was WASPY white, a weak and … Continue reading

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Be Fruitful, bids the Biblical command, and Multiply. There’s little to discuss. Though Aramaic’s hard, we understand the order is for propagating us. But that was written in a time and land that needed places to be populous. We’re crowded. … Continue reading

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Baby Gear

His parents are mid-30s, well-to-do, besotted with him, and of course they vow to raise him perfectly, with this year’s new devices, paying experts to learn how. They purchase toys and gadgets to enrich the eating, drinking, bathing episodes. Dishwasher-safe, … Continue reading

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I cough too much. When I was 21, I had bronchitis in a rugged place. The meds were harsh – before the course had run, they diagnosed pneumonia in my case. And ever since, each cold becomes complex. The coughing … Continue reading

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“What’s there to do? I’m bored,” I would complain to Mom when I was young enough to ask. “Go hit your head,” was her bizarre refrain, “against the wall.” I’d find myself a task. For I avoided boredom like a … Continue reading

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Bus Stop

Arriving at the bus stop yesterday, my app displayed the disappointing news: a dozen minutes late! (That’s half the way I’d planned to ride.) And so I got to choose a standing wait with phone and book, or stroll with … Continue reading

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I know I was a handful: scared my mom and stunned my dad with willfulness and heat. Wicked-bright and booming like a bomb, I overfilled our den. I wasn’t sweet and patient. I defied the girl-police. I had too many … Continue reading

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Arriving home last night, I was annoyed to find the shared recycle bin too crammed. As if my time should weekly be employed collapsing neighbors’ refuse! I’ll be damned, I muttered, but converted that within to smiling at the mindlessness … Continue reading

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