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Rain Plane Huitain

Communication problems slowed me down.I tried complying, but I failed to getthe TSA instructions— did he frownbehind his mask? But even so, he letme pass (Express), and then I didn’t setcomputer gear apart. But here’s the plane.I’m old and not … Continue reading

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I concentrated on my kin last week.I occupied less space and wrote few lines.I funded meals and didn’t try to speak.I paid attention to some odd designs.I took less space than when I bide at home.I barely read and didn’t … Continue reading

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Limbs and Leaves

The noise of wind awoke me late last night,exhaling harsh and analog above.I heard at times the clunk of branches, rightoutside my door, as autumn gave a shoveto limbs and leaves migrating to the ground,without a forecast warning. That’s okay … Continue reading

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Feeding Time

Observing squirrels through a pane of glass,I see them growing fatter every day.Voraciously they forage, adding massand making tree limbs bounce from what they weigh.They’re full of flora calories and sass.They vandalize the plants and throw awaythe bulk of what … Continue reading

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Pathetic Poetry

“A poem should be about your feelings,” saidan audience that fails to understand.Experience has other words instead:“A poem is just a making, and can bein almost any tone and subject. Dreadthe trite and ever seek to be sincere,but you can … Continue reading

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When writing metered rhyming poetry,a syllable should not be thrown away.A wasted phrase amounts to felony(as lines are few, each word should have its say).If I may risk reverse humility,then here’s how I might edit Ms Millay: I burn the … Continue reading

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My Fussiness

One of the reasons I seldom read verseis cause I can’t help seeing lazy mistakes.And modern pop lyrics amount to much worse –they’re staler than yesterday morning’s pancakes.

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A Small Difference

Our mothers are identical in waysthat no one sane would ever brag about.They’re narcissistic fixers who don’t praise;they’re shoppers who would gladly drag us outto malls or outlets anxious to exchangethe bulk of stuff they brought home recently.They think they’re … Continue reading

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Magic Feather

My magic feather was the exercise.I thought I had to move to find a themeto write about and wax a little wise,but even in this sedentary stream,I tend to cogitate, complain, and dream.I can’t retard the process if I tried,and … Continue reading

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Enforced Rest

I’m nearly well but here to tell fatigue,less caused by age or illness than by work.I solo-cared for two, and I’m beleag-uered by exhaustion now I plan to lurkalone in silence and refrain from taskor errand, staying home and keeping … Continue reading

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