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Persimmon leaves turndownward and to shades of blaze,fall-ready to fall.

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Personal Magic

600 days before I caught a cold,which took me down a peg for near a week,but I’m recovered now it’s time to holdmyself accountable, and exercise.I’m coming back improved, determined, boldenough to see a future healthily.Apparently the signs can be … Continue reading

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Return to Coffee

Now coffee’s back in hand and appetite.For days it put me off – though hot and black,my morning nectar wasn’t tasting right.Now coffee’s back. I’m old and hypertension could attackmy health. I thought I’d cut caffeine to fightthe creeping weakness … Continue reading

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The Power Grid Ending

My internet went down the other night.My lightbulbs flickered and they gave a blink.The grid that gives us grist for heat and lightis failing more and limping more and old.The infrastructure’s folding from a heightwe used to brag about and … Continue reading

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Animal Epithets

I aim to be polite and even nice.I mostly try avoiding talking crass.I’m into using language that’s precise,so I think you’re behaving like an ass.That’s not applied to women (unlike witch),but much more accurate for you than bitch.

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Sick Day

A little ill, I’m taking Monday off.I will not work or exercise today.My cold has now matured into a cough,and I prescribe long rest, computer play,an easy book with nothing wise to say,avoiding interactions I won’t miss,and soup. I plan … Continue reading

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Head Cold

I caught the cold my grandkids tossed around.There’s no escaping 7 months or 4years old – we saw, we hugged and kissed and clowned,in chair and couch and rolling on the floor.A little ill, I’m willing still for more.Although since … Continue reading

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The center of my universe is me,and circumstances here are rather nice.The next concentric circle’s family,and though my peers and elders give advice,there’s plenty of respect and courtesy.My neighborhood demands no sacrifice.But farther out – the more the distance grows … Continue reading

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The Fixer’s Future

The mother was a fixer all her life,who taught her little girl to people-watchfor make-overs, and labor as a wiferepairing every incidental botch.She’d walk into a room and redesignin mind the furniture and color scheme.Maintaining that she couldn’t draw a … Continue reading

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Comprising Three People

I shuffle in the morning when I rise.My skeleton is creaky, and my faceis like my father’s just before demise.I take in coffee, puzzles and some words,and then I’m capable of exercise,which stirs a bout of youth-like energyuntil late afternoon, … Continue reading

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