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Exotic Eats

   When I was around 7, my mother attempted to wash my mouth out with soap. It was wintertime, and we lived then in New York. Later that day I knew we were due to see the doctor for (yuck) … Continue reading

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   When I was 5 I caused my first accident. We were all sitting at the table having a meal, and I started imitating a hiccuping train conductor I’d seen on a cartoon. “All aboard-hic!” I announced, jerking my head … Continue reading

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   When I was 1 to 3, we lived in Levittown, NY. That’s the site of my earliest memories. I didn’t know till I was an adult that the two Levittowns (New York and Pennsylvania) were the first tract home suburban … Continue reading

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Addenda and Apology

Although I don’t get many comments posted in this blog, I do receive some feedback. Here are additional words about two subjects. Regarding horses and girls (Riding – September 21), my friend Geri avers that, for her, the power of … Continue reading

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   When I was nearly 9 we moved into our new Cinderella Home in Chula Vista. I had no idea then or now why that name was chosen, unless it was the slightly gingerbread trim on the ranch houses or the … Continue reading

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     When I was 8¾, we moved from New York to California. The New York airport was then called Idlewild. I’d been to California once before, three years earlier. Me, Steve, Mom and Dad flew out to visit Dad’s family. … Continue reading

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When I was 5½, I had my first airplane ride. The carrier was TWA or Pan Am, and we crossed the continent. We lived in Glen Cove, NY at the time. That’s on Long Island. My mother’s family was still … Continue reading

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When I was around 11, my parents signed me up for horseback riding lessons. I don’t know whose idea it was, but I was eager for them. My brother Steve was enrolled too, with or shortly after me, but he … Continue reading

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The Spaghetti Squash Incident

     When I was around 43, I terrorized my kids with a vegetable. We were living in our North Berkeley creekside cottage. Katie was approaching 16 and Danny was around 9. I think both of them had gone vegetarian by … Continue reading

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Gulliver’s Grades

When I was 21, I examined misanthropy. Really. I compared Shakespeare’s Timon (of Athens) to the Old Man on the hill from Fielding’s Tom Jones to Swift’s Gulliver after his fourth voyage. I had to write a senior thesis to … Continue reading

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