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A Grandma’s Lament

A dozen years ago, a boy was born who made a grandmother of her and me. Released from life, she’s now a loss to mourn, and this is offered as an elegy. We needed her. The grandpas aren’t close; the … Continue reading

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I feel a little altered, and it’s good. I’m safe at home without a task that calls. There’s gentle rain outside to darken wood and speckle glass, and as the moisture falls the tense contractions in my limbs unfold. I … Continue reading

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I’m stunned by the mortality of men I used to love. They ought to stay alive, although I never thought I’d see again the three no longer breathing of the five significant to me as partners: first and last and … Continue reading

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First World Problem

A first world problem challenges its host as much as if its scale, in tragic score, were strong as the misfortunes striking most in disadvantaged circumstances. More or less, it seems the sufferer cannot endure another atom of distress. Whatever … Continue reading

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She drinks a quart of vodka every night, except when she de-toxes with a fast confined to juice or celery – the right and wrong are rules she buys that never last. Imbibing till she passes out, she wakes to … Continue reading

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When everything is well at once, I fear a bomb’s about to drop, a shoe to fall. A recent X-ray shows my lungs are clear although I know I’ve smoked too much to call my respiration what it used to … Continue reading

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Squirrel Time

Surveying my environment, I see a harbinger, appearing to embody now: a squirrel ten feet up a tree, supporting in his mouth a large biscotti. That cookie’s winter fare – it’s not a food suggesting February leads to spring. And … Continue reading

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I knew a girl who struggled for good skin. Her face broke out no matter what she tried of products for the outside; for within, she never ate foods sugary or fried. Until a doctor found her allergies, and she … Continue reading

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One Hour at a Time

Before this week began, it didn’t hold attractive plans. My calendar contained four days with tasks that couldn’t be controlled by me – the type of issues I complained about, when I was young and knew so much. Anticipating waiting … Continue reading

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We’re halfway through our winter, and had one impressive storm, with nothing more offshore than ridges of tenacious highs. The sun is too persistent, and the temperature abuses plants and squirrels. Every bird acts out of season. Daffodils appear. The … Continue reading

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