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“I’m telling you, Kimmy: I think I spoke too loud. As usual. Linda’s been acting weird ever since you and I talked yesterday. She must have overheard. Gawd: she’s only here for two days, and I couldn’t keep my mouth … Continue reading

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A different life is just a choice away, a corridor a whisper wide to cross, a path uncharted leading from today to unexplored conditions that may toss tomorrows like a salad, mercury released in silver twining rivulets. If I do … Continue reading

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State of Mind

I want to wed a word to word, to mount a phrase that I can nurture to a line, and build from that a quatrain of account, and pen it to display a thought of mine. And then I’ll set … Continue reading

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Field Trip on BART

We stop in downtown Berkeley, and the car is overrun by youngsters out of school. Invaders of the quiet – that they are – who tripping to the field obey the rule of buddies and the principal request: “You guys, … Continue reading

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I Never Tried This Wisdom On Before

The sky could bluer be, but all is clean from rain and crisp with autumn chill. The plants deciduous have put aside their green, as I collect the wisdom weather grants. I’ve grown too old to wear confusion well. I’m … Continue reading

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Cedar and Carl

Her name wasn’t really Cedar. If she’d been younger anyone in Berkeley would believe it, but she was a Boomer, and her parents had never been eccentric. Her birth names were Sharon Elizabeth, and she took on the tree name … Continue reading

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Clock Radio

I didn’t mind the volume or the tone – fidelity was no big deal for me – but I made sure to set the clock to drone me early up, so I could shop and be at work ahead of … Continue reading

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Breakfast at Bruno’s

The waitress didn’t look that old to me but I was using eyes no longer young, and as she talked of her large family her years derived their number from her tongue. Her thinning hair was process-toned and -curled. Her … Continue reading

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Yeah, But…

I’m not enjoying aging very much: the looser skin; the evening lassitude; the loss of visibility; the touch of varied ailments; disappointing food; the fear of falling down; the drive to nap; the mislaid nouns and names I now forget; … Continue reading

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The sky this morning leaks upon the ground, extending chilly dampness down to me, implying nature woke and looked and frowned: Now that’s a cheap pathetic fallacy. The matter isn’t fog – what irritates are puppies whining, clients wanting work, … Continue reading

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