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Full Schedule

They gave me Master Class three months ago,and I intended to explore it well,but other tasks intruded even thoughI thought I had the time throughout our spellof house arrest extended. What befellwere other habits: daily ink to page;office work and … Continue reading

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We’re complicated. Everybody is.Although we yearn to simply analyze,a myriad of nuance modifies. Dictating traits that should be hers or hisor young or old – that’s what our culture tries.We’re complicated. Everybody is,although we yearn to simply analyze. “Best version … Continue reading

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Speed Test

I didn’t mean to test my energywhen yesterday I hustled to the store.I realized that today was bound to beso crowded I can’t cram another choreinside the morning hours (familywill pick me up by noon). I aimed to scoresome vegetables … Continue reading

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I like to think I’m flexible, althoughI’m slow to welcome change or a surprise.Anticipation makes my fancy glow –I hardly need a plan to actualize.The forward look is candy for my eyes,so much of promised pleasure is conveyed,that though I … Continue reading

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There’s something cool about fresh-laundered sheets,especially when sleepwear gets washed too.Then add a long hot bath, which when completeis followed by a shower and shampoo.The glad result will come when day is through:I’ll sleep as clean as honesty withinorganic cotton … Continue reading

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A Rest Day

Most mornings home I write and exercise,but sometimes brain or body have a say –I’m feeling too fatigued to sweat today. I’m used to pushing through – I recognizereluctance due to age’s bleak display.Most mornings home I write and exercise,but … Continue reading

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My haircuts used to be six weeks apart.For 50 years I kept the style short,but now a year has passed us since the startof house arrest, I’ve grown some longer curls.I’ve even added to my shopping cart(online of course) barrettes … Continue reading

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Low Carb Pizza

A day off (self-rewarded) with light rainoutside, invites me to experimentwith cooking, as a way to entertainmyself, but also to produce the scentof pizza I’ve been craving. My intentto venture out was stymied by the cold.I have good cheese and … Continue reading

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4th Birthday

I love a young man in the City,who oughta be fined – he’s so pretty.His cuteness will floorany witness, at 4!With his birthday today here’s a ditty.

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My father taught us love of analog,in logic, setting levels, any clock.It’s like a science simile – a cogescapement powering, tick-tock,an output with no staggered on/off shock,perceivable to senses from afar.He taught us how to angle and unlocka compass point, … Continue reading

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