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I knit myself a sweater out of steel in knotty mesh of chain link irony. Entwining my protection had appeal, but that apparel had no room for me to stretch an arm or add a bit of length, and it … Continue reading

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I dislike mayonnaise, but I succumb to it. I can’t come up with a better lube for tuna or egg salad. I used to make my own, when I had a full house and a food processor, but the homemade … Continue reading

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The Third Charm

Prometheus put fire at our feet. He taught us to control its smoke and blaze. Then we could warm the night, and cook the meat, and fire pots, and so evolve a ways. And someone sometime stumbled on the wheel, … Continue reading

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Chronos (End)

Pete was starting his meal with the white corn soup and she was trying the heirloom tomato gazpacho when Lily told him she thought the most powerful god was Morpheus. “Yeah. God of Sleep,” she confirmed, leaning over her bowl. … Continue reading

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Chronos (Middle)

If Lily’s father comes in he’ll ask after Zack, so maybe she should distract him with the watch. She doesn’t want to talk about her son. Zack went camping with his girlfriend Eli, and Lily’s father doesn’t approve of premarital … Continue reading

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Chronos (Beginning)

Her eyes are nearly fifty years old but they can still accommodate close work. Lily feels unreasonable pride about that. As if she could take credit for the elasticity of her lenses. She can read the tiny characters etched into … Continue reading

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Death Valley

We arrow like electrons, driving flux- impelled directly east across the state. Zigzagging past the pachydermal trucks, we slow our mood as we accelerate. We ratchet down like gears the attitude that in the city agitates our days, adopt the … Continue reading

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I argued with my dad for anarchy. I told him total freedom is my cause and said if we were all we’re meant to be, we wouldn’t need to fashion any laws. But he asserted lawmaking’s a proof that we … Continue reading

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For Whom the Bell Curves

I seldom speak to telemarketers or survey-takers any more. My caller ID warns me when it’s one of those folks and if I’m too distracted to read the display, there’s always that tell-tale silence after I answer – while the … Continue reading

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I looked it up today. I knew the “hypo” meant low but I didn’t have a clue about chondria until I googled around. Khondrios is cartilage, specifically that around the breastbone. Originally, hypochondria referred to a pain in the high … Continue reading

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