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When the roses don’t compel my close attention they thorn-snag my flesh

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The Quarantine Effect

They quarantined Mom as expected (her cleaning girl tested infected). Away from the store Mom is listening more, and noticing feelings neglected.

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The Discard Pile

We’re human, so we like a fairy tale, a legend, story, all mythology. We tend to sing and dance and most don’t fail at loving games. So we find simile and metaphor in such activity: a natural process linked to … Continue reading

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Interpreting the poetry assigned my sophomore year, I used the OED, and always found selected words defined in ways perhaps not said deliberately. At times I had to read the verse and speak aloud, without a reference book to seek … Continue reading

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Hearing What Was Said

He said he feared she’d figure out just what a duck he is. His language cracked her can with doubt and flattened all the fizz. Her second self-described as tense and though she disagreed, the stress with him waxed so … Continue reading

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Smoke and Heat

It used to be, when temps increased this much, we’d go to chilly theaters, patronize cool restaurants, or visit venues such as water parks, or any enterprise that by its situation or machines provided shade and cooler moving air. But … Continue reading

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Call to (Dis) Arms

At 13 years, my baby and his friend were booted off a local user group for hacking. Neither meaning to offend, the breach was bad but when we got the scoop, we parents were discreetly proud to hear our boys … Continue reading

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Build Back Better

I almost died when I was 35; emergencies and error laid me low. But after weeks of pain I was alive – they pulled my tubes the night before I’d go back home, and left me in my sterile cell, … Continue reading

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A Little Adult

I told my toddler buddy he’d be four next time he has a birthday. He replied “and will I be a grownup then?” (Mature for forty months, he’s lately working on the values of our common number lore). “I’m happy … Continue reading

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Tower Fan

I can’t remember when I bought this fan – a tower that can radiate the air: create a V-shaped breeze for pre-set span of operation, placed most anywhere. I used to use it for the dozen days a year, when … Continue reading

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