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The Goodenough School

When I was 59 and paying half attention to a news clip about the failure of our schools, I heard an interviewee comment, in passing, that of course every parent wants the best possible education for his or her kid. … Continue reading

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   When I was 12 I wore my most ambitious Halloween costume, and it took no great skill to create. It was the October 31 of 7th grade, and my friend Gwennie Cebulski and I went as a pair of … Continue reading

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Life Savers

  When I was around 8, I acquired my own roll of Life Savers. My father had carried them around as long as I could remember. It wasn’t a daily ritual or anything regular like that; I just recall that now … Continue reading

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The Incident with the Carving Knife

When I was 11 or maybe 12, at a family dinner that was probably Thanksgiving, I engaged in a dangerous act of safety. It creeps me out to this day, just like imagining that the bannister down which I’m sliding … Continue reading

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When I was 41, I met a birthday buddy. He was born exactly three years before I, and we were so alike it seemed a point for astrology. Until I got to know him better. There were similarities, sure, and … Continue reading

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Queen of the Dog Park

     When I was 41 I took on my last dog. I’d already loved Becky-the-beagle and Ajax and Jack and Ajax again (he lived long and with most of us), but Shelby was the first companion I acquired on my … Continue reading

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When I was 9 years old I skipped a grade. Which one, I’m always asked, and I don’t have a one-syllable answer. Part of third and part of fourth was the fact of the matter. Skipping a grade was then … Continue reading

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   When I was 17 I came to Cal. My parents wouldn’t allow me to room with my best friend Ellen, owing to some escapades mentioned in Autodidacts (August 19). I selected the dormitory building closest to the campus and the … Continue reading

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Duck Box

   When I was 23 I fell in love with a brass-chased pewter box at Gump’s. It was made in the shape of a duck, it came in two or three sizes, and the perfect one sold for about $20. It … Continue reading

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Life in Las Rever

   When I was around 10, I started mirror writing. I think my father first mentioned it to me; later I learned about Leonardo. I found it rather easy to write backwards in cursive. It got to where I could do … Continue reading

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