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I have a better memory than most. It’s no more to my credit than the hue of hair and eyes. I claim it not to boast but in description. I’ve abetted too, by writing journals, diaries, and verse about my … Continue reading

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Recovered Memories

Of course I knew him. We were intimate young lovers all through college. We revealed ourselves to one another, tried to fit the romance in our visions. Neither kneeled, but we embraced. We might have made a go of us, … Continue reading

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She doesn’t recollect herself that well. I met her at 18 and we’ve been close, but she denies her past. I sometimes tell her what she said or did, or how she chose her course, but she’ll debate – she … Continue reading

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If you were raised by someone diligent, impatient, who was born without or lost the spectrum of emotions, one who spent all time at tasks and voiced whatever crossed her mind, but never said she meant no wrong, intending well … Continue reading

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Travel Stress

I travel with anxiety. I go, I revel in sensation and aspect, but I’m away from home, my stuff – I grow impatient for my comforts. I’m half-wrecked, off-base but fascinated with the scene. I watch a culture, learn a … Continue reading

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The New Toilet

I listened to an architect one day, who lectured, if we want to take the road to smart design and use, then come what may, we have to give first place to the commode. “For we can cook outside, or … Continue reading

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I’ve always been an anarchist of sorts: I’d like to modulate the role of laws, and settle all disputes outside the courts without a thread of violence, because I think our species capable of fair behavior, moral compass, empathy. Self-confidence … Continue reading

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The First and Last Chanumas

I was nearly eleven the year I prevailed. I don’t remember formulating my argument, but I do recall presenting it. In a natural series. I started about two weeks before the holiday. “I love Chanukah,” I said to my parents. … Continue reading

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I’ve been an anxious personality as long as I remember. Was I born with it, or did I drink Mom’s tendency along with infant formula? I’ve sworn it off ten thousand times, but then I tense my neck and jaw … Continue reading

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Raggedy Ann

I didn’t own a ragdoll as a mite. My favorite baby doll was rubber-made Ginette I loved so hard I used to bite her head. But as a 12 year old, I paid allowance for a raggedy new doll – … Continue reading

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