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The Problem with Me

The problem with me is, in order to feelalive and awake just like I used to be,I have to advise while I try to concealthe problem with me. Though you may accuse me of jerking a knee,I’m speaking my truth … Continue reading

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On She Who Would Be Loved

Her sister’s plan seems odd to both our wits,but we decide to live without a man,so we see strategy that contradictsher sister’s plan. Continuing cohabitation’s spanis destined for more punishment, and bitsof bitterness. We’d rather watch a ban. But we’re … Continue reading

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Impatience Locations

We note variety in her and me.I get impatient when I wait at home.Her antsiness occurs more publicly,while waiting for her banker or a friend.But she’s no issue with late companyto her address – she bides with little tasks.I think … Continue reading

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Bites of Wise

At times the good do bad, an actor said,and too the bad do good. The script went on.Those phrases found a home inside my head,and replay often now the movie’s gone.That’s wisdom I pray will not be withdrawn,just as I … Continue reading

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Brew Mistress

My brother says my coffee is the best.It drives his partner crazy when he does.For sure she roasts fresh beans, and shoots expressedpure-water steam through grounds to brew her buzz,while I used staler stuff. My maker wasa careless purchase, seldom … Continue reading

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Phone Dreams

Two nights ago, I dreamt I missed your call.I didn’t answer when you phoned at 6a.m., a time you said we chose (of allthe hours possible, nobody pickspre-dawn). This morning’s dreaming: I’m asprawlin phones that look like mine, in random … Continue reading

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Naked Limbs

My route to BART is level, scenic, fine.It passes through two neighborhoods of storesand blocks of homes and gardens that alignwith asphalt streets and concrete walks. Outdoorsis lovely all the way, adorned with scoresof trees. I notice one specifically:well-shaped and … Continue reading

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Bone Yard

While reading news about how far we’ve sunk,I heard a thud of something hit the deck.I looked to find the reason for the clunk,and there was evidence of body wreckthat dropped from high. It wasn’t any skunk.A squirrel or raccoon … Continue reading

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The Wisteria Surprise

Wisteria I purchased to replacean older plant that was a casualtyof tradesmen working in this crowded space,is trying in my shady yard to bea healthy specimen, with purple laceabloom in spring. That’s the varietywe planted, so I’m startled by this … Continue reading

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Walking Wounded

My head’s okay although I took a fall,misstepping off a curb the other day.A little trip, and now the wounds appall(my head’s okay). My palms and knees and face wear an arrayof bruises; both my shoulders ache; I haulmy form … Continue reading

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