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Auto Love, Part 1

    The verdict is in on mass transit, and just because it isn’t pretty doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look at it. The truth is, we’ve been running this bus and train and boat experiment for a century, and the obvious, … Continue reading

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  When I was 15 I spent some time with the school debate team. I wasn’t a member but my friends Jim and Tim were, and I helped them prepare for the competitions. The subject that year was nuclear power. It … Continue reading

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Stupid Pets

   When I was 5 they gave me the turtle. I don’t remember asking for one. I didn’t name it Myrtle (that was Mom: “Here. Meet Myrtle the Turtle”). I associate the creature’s presence with my terrible tonsillectomy but I also … Continue reading

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Arcs and Angles

     It’s really a lovely concept. I’m not going to drone about the six or seven principles of Universal Design – what is it with our species, that we seem to so like lists and acronyms? I’m going to try … Continue reading

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Fruit Cocktail

     When I was 20 I knew a guy with a weird job. He was a year ahead of me at Cal, part of the group of people I was most likely to socialize with, often around but not an … Continue reading

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The Best Revenge

     When I was 54 I was the object of an attempted assassination. It was an attack against my character and it failed, but it rocked me with confusion and pain. I was betrayed by an individual I trusted. Actually … Continue reading

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  When I was in my 50s, I got to participate in construction. The small nonprofit organization I helped establish (Hearth – see yesterday) worked with Affordable Housing Associates and architect Kava Massih and Toolworks and too many funders to … Continue reading

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  When I was 47 I got lured into a nonprofit. It was like a legend, where my every deed led to a new adventure and pulled me deeper into the story. First a respected retired client lunched with me … Continue reading

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    When I was 41 I took an Alaska cruise with my parents, and when I was 49 I got to return to the southeastern portion of the big state. I loved both trips. I adore Alaska. I once thought … Continue reading

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Stinson 1966

   When I was 16 I spent the first most uncomfortable night of my life. I went casual camping with Ellen and two other friends and got caught in the rain. My parents’ house in Larkspur was on the very lowest … Continue reading

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