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I was listening to KFOG the morning of May 13 this year. It was a Friday, so the talk between the music was about subjects superstitious. The featured guest was a ghost expert and the featured listener paid partial attention. … Continue reading

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Western Fare

She walks outside at 3 this afternoon upon a sidewalk carpeted with leaves, observing that the winter’s coming soon; it’s suddenly too cool for T-shirt sleeves. An apple is reducing in her hand as she ingests each tart and crispy … Continue reading

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Boxing with Boxes

My Berkeley cottage is one of five small homes on the property. We’re legally a condominium development but we’re so small we run it informally. No one pays dues. I guess I’m the “HOA,” because I handle the common bills … Continue reading

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From Hempen Cloth

Danny and Andy and I happened to discuss the word “canvas” over lunch a month ago. Danny did a quick phone-peek and announced that the word was derived from “cannabis.” So of course it went onto the list of language … Continue reading

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I can make a satisfying meal: tasty mixture at a low expense. I can cook a dinner of appeal but I can’t fabricate ingredients. I can change an argue to agree (switch a letter, make the order squirm). Composition is … Continue reading

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Where There’s Smoke

… there may be a smoke machine. I could end this post with that. Or I could wait until a sweet everyday example comes to me, so I can make a small point that reverberates. But I’m feeling declarative this … Continue reading

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Invisible Friends

All grownups have invisible friends. That’s who they talk to when they move their mouths and there’s no one else around. The more burnt-out grownups talk aloud to their invisible friends, to the embarrassment of the less burnt-out grownups, who … Continue reading

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Awful Us

A month ago I was alone for a bit with my two brothers, and it didn’t take long for us to start joking inappropriately. I don’t know whether it’s called black humor or just weird, but we have been known … Continue reading

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Puzzle Words

I like word puzzles. From an early age I enjoyed crosswords and codes, in college I began unscrambling letters and solving acrostics and diagramless varieties, and I have engaged, chronically I see, at backwards reading and mirror writing. I have … Continue reading

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Pedestrian Path

I used to turn the corner to my street with dread reluctance mounting in my heart, preparing for the tensions I would meet within my own front door. That stress was part of every evening when I lived with him … Continue reading

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