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Going Out

On Day Four Hundred, I had lunch insidea restaurant I walked to from my home.The outing left me feeling satisfied,at liberty to dine with friend and wine,my mouth unmasked, my taste buds gratified.I told my friend I’m fain to take … Continue reading

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My son asked, did I hear the latest newsabout the region’s elementary schools?“They’re dumping analog – they plan to useall digital for classroom time.” “The fools,”I said. He uttered “Kids can’t read the clock.”And I responded “Why can’t they be … Continue reading

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Return to Transit

I hope it’s like a muscle memory –the ease with which I ride a bus or train.I’m sure the skills will soon come back to me,although it’s been four hundred seven dayssince I had public transit liberty.My kids were Covid-cautious, … Continue reading

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Cardboard Mystery

So now the students share the bins with me.They even pull them, early, to the curb.I wrote – they sent sincere apology,and I thought (prematurely) they could learn(in spite of their hysteria at beesthey misidentified as hornet hordes).But when I … Continue reading

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The train was subterranean right there.We lived beside a curving length of track.Of course we had no windows, and the scarewas always in traversing out and back.For sure the tracks, of shining silver black,were laid between the walkway and our … Continue reading

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Aridity Ahead

It’s ominously beautiful outside.The gardens teem with blooms, the air is clear,the sky’s a bowl of azure high and wide.The birdsong peals like morning bells, and hereare daily hummingbirds, identifiedin thrumming flits. The atmosphereis mild, but I see the soil’s … Continue reading

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Talking Heads

I heard a Republican speakas if his path leads to a peak.They cannot disguiseall their cheating and lies,but gaslighting is their technique.

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Extrapolation Fails

Extrapolation fails me now I’m old.The past is no predictor, we’ve been told,of stock market performance. Such is truein fact, more than we ever dreamed or knew,for disconnects are booming big and bold. No vision of tomorrow can be soldwhen … Continue reading

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We know that Rick and Sally fell in love.We figured their relationship would thrive.They seemed to put commitment plans aboveall selfishness, and they were 35.Rick’s health conditions came as a surprise,when sadness grew and daily pain attacked,but Sally was his … Continue reading

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Δ This cottage is my haven and retreat.It shelters me from noise and people-stress,but comfort’s only absolutely sweetwhen following some outside busyness. At times I’m bothered by the words or actof one I love, upset and near-obsessed,that’s other than deliberate … Continue reading

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