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A Future Memory

As cool as foliage, this morning feels, as sweet as cantaloupe and light as fern. I walk to downtown Berkeley and my heels don’t ache, my neck is loose; I do not yearn for anything beyond my limbered reach. Mature … Continue reading

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Common Sense

When you become a grownup at five, your big questions are different than the issues interesting to chronological adults. You wonder why the 30 other kids in your kindergarten class listen to the one teacher. (And as you age and … Continue reading

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Redundant Repetition

Katie and I were conversing awhile ago about words that have taken on a pejorative tone even though they shouldn’t. “Critical” has come to suggest finding fault in something, and “judgment” is so tainted that exercising the ability, about other … Continue reading

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While Reading Ouspensky

He gave a book to me to read him in, as if it were a key to see his heart, as if it were a magic talisman to treasure, that can wedge the rocks apart to plumb the reach of … Continue reading

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Three Little Words

I met with a tough-talking attorney some years ago. He interviewed me to determine whether he wanted my little firm to handle his retirement plan. We sat in his conference room and discussed where I’d been and my approach and … Continue reading

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I watched a striving author try to write a novel once, a score of years ago, except his search for perfect title quite disabled him. His story wouldn’t grow until he had initiated it with words he mined, and screened, … Continue reading

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I hated the powerlessness of childhood. My parents tried to determine what I ate and what I wore and when I slept, peed, or felt angry. At least one of them answered most of my why questions with that button-pushing … Continue reading

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Pomes Away

Someone told me recently that a pomegranate is really an apple bomb. I think that’s correct. In fact, the dictionary says the pomegranate (punica granatum) comes from the Latin words pomum (apple) and granatus (seeded). We’ve all seen pome before. … Continue reading

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The escalator ribbons up, the while a young man keeps his place by walking down. He practices his rap and makes us smile who weren’t yet awake enough to frown. But here’s a BART announcement in the air: The disembodied … Continue reading

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TV Interruptus

“Dinner time!” “Just a minute Ma.” “No. Now. Your food’s going to get cold.” “But Mom, the show’s about to …” “Get in here now! You can watch the show when they rerun it.” I came, I ate, and I … Continue reading

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