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Resistance Training

The challenge is to certainly decideto rest an ailing area again.It’s quite improved since yesterday. I’d ridemy stationary bike, if I were tenyears younger, like I felt last week inside.But now is here and otherwise than then.Tomorrow I expect to … Continue reading

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Back Care

I think I can ease this though I’m over seventy-three,in spite of the fact that they told me there isn’t a fix.The sad diagnosis the doctor depicted for megoes back to a summer of pain in Two Thousand and Six.I … Continue reading

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Mom’s Almost-Fall

She didn’t fall, exactly – more a slide,slow-motion and against the idling car,until she gently met the asphalt. Pridedictated her denial, but by farit was the softest topple. Sure we arerelieved we saw no injury. We heldher and uprighted her, … Continue reading

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Weird Quiet

The quiet’s weird, when what we have in mindare floods of Spring that flow from snow that nearedor passed recorded history. I findthe quiet’s weird. They plastered pictures when the drifts appeared.The pack’s too deep, but news is deaf and … Continue reading

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Diff Day

Assuming I would spend the night awayfrom here, to help escort two kids to bed,and maybe process laundry late today(my Wednesday contribution to their chores),I didn’t have a clue I’d hear him say,“It’s okay, Mom. Let’s make it good for … Continue reading

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Lost & Found

This child entertains me, and provokesideas that ring as fresh in my old head.Discussing losing things and even folks,I told him he can’t lose himself. “In bedand dreaming, maybe,” I then modified.“You might lose bits of your identity.”“No, Grandma,” he … Continue reading

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Monday Mine

A friend suggested lunch and I agreed.We settled on a Monday meal, althoughI love to spend that day at home, to readand write and edit, talking to myselfas much as I require, want or need.On Sunday late the email hit … Continue reading

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Acknowledging hurt feelings can be wise,but blaming may be stupid and unfair.Perhaps you could switch roles, and recognizeyour sister’s thought, intention, love, and care.What would you have her do? Can you advisebehavior that will get her anywhere?If there’s a wound … Continue reading

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Police Action

Returning from the city, I detrainin downtown Berkeley, Wednesday, 8 at night.Emerging, no one waiting can explainwhy half of Shattuck’s blocked, and every lightwe see is from patrol cars angled rightand left across from us. There’s nothing dreador obvious. I … Continue reading

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I comprehend our planet’s sick, but hereand now appearances are all benign.The gardens bloom, the sky is blue and clear,the drivers and pedestrians alignin local courtesy. It’s hard to fearcatastrophe when every view is fine.Shipped fruit and radiation rot within … Continue reading

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