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Bad Advice

I married, bore two children, and divorced, and then I tried again to be a wife, but had to end that too – my talent coursed another way, and I determined life for me was happier, at least for then, … Continue reading

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A summer evening, doors ajar, I hear some pops I barely register: the sound of breeze in garden trees (I have four near), but then I notice and I look around – there’s flame that rears beyond the neighbor’s fence! … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Errand

I see a red regatta in the rain – five-pointed leaves deposited in clots on white concrete, that leave a crimson stain: so liquidambar drops a flock of yachts. I see a sea of gulls stake claims to ground that … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences

An unintended consequence produced, collateral to innovation’s wit, is often the resulting wave that’s loosed upon our culture. Inappropriate as rent increases born of residents’ attempts to beautify their neighborhood, the damage no one meant can be immense, irradiating us … Continue reading

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Body Mod

My body mod’s invisible, advised and done by docs. Four teeth are rooted in titanium. My lenses are comprised of goods with laboratory origin – I focus at all distances, and see specifics unidentified before. I own a hidden disability … Continue reading

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No Worries

I worried so when I was young, I built my frets to threats against all inner peace. While other Jews were specialists at guilt, I nurtured my anxiety’s increase. Now doubtless I’ve surpassed my mother’s skill, envisioning the ways things … Continue reading

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