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Things Going Wrong

Appalled at power plundering for purse,as civics catalyze calamity –Astounded at pandemic’s climbing curseand how deficient all our remedy –Attacked by fires every year grown worse,with acres scorched and sick air quality –Our lust to breathe outside is nothing strange;the … Continue reading

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To Pop or Not to Pop

She entered here and stated as she sat,“You need to add some color to your bed.This area is fine, but look at that –all wood and white – it wants a pop instead(or in addition) – that’s my point of … Continue reading

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Pizza Night

We’ve suffered half a year of quarantine(which comes from ‟40” days, so it’s extreme).But last night I boughta pizza, and broughtit home – then my meal was supreme.

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The Happiness Spectrum

As far back as my memory extendsregarding socializing with my peers,in classroom desks with elementary friendsor high school intermixing several years,I tended to compare myself with all,but not in terms of popularity.I always questioned, as I now recall,if they were … Continue reading

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My garden stalks now with anemone,the daughter of the wind in purple dress.I never planted it. Love’s deityanointed ground with tears of her distressaround the mortal she could not possess.She made a monument of mauve and goldthat cools my heated … Continue reading

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Life Span

When I was young, I wondered what I’d bewhen I grew up, but never for how long.Perhaps I’d write or learn philosophy…When I was young I wondered what I’d be:a master of marine biology?My passions were diversified but strongwhen I … Continue reading

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Weather Whether

The weather is the first thing on my mindwhen I get up, if no catastrophedemands attention urgently from me.I peer outside and read an app to findwhat’s needed and what I can leave behind,to venture out. The main concern for … Continue reading

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Life Surprises

I always thought I’d marry and give birth,but didn’t know I’d wed at 22.And though we didn’t plan, one New Year’s mirthproduced a Virgo girl with eyes of blueand ash-blonde hair, like no one in my clan.When 5 years passed … Continue reading

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Encountering evisceration of a hummingbird(its guts a ruby hue, its head apart),in less than half a second, half a step, the thought occurred:the neighbor’s cat had stopped a tiny heart. And then I spied that feline beast of ebony and … Continue reading

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No Regrets

The at-home exercise began when Iwas 35, recovered from a spellof injury, and gave I can’t denysome benefits I never felt so well.Increasing time and changing how I moved,I went from half an hour in the eveto twice that every … Continue reading

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