The Happiness Spectrum

As far back as my memory extends
regarding socializing with my peers,
in classroom desks with elementary friends
or high school intermixing several years,
I tended to compare myself with all,
but not in terms of popularity.
I always questioned, as I now recall,
if they were happy, and to what degree.

I never tried to copy someone’s test
or pass another’s homework for my own;
I always found it too much work to lie.
But I liked sideways spying – I assessed
the signs of satisfaction I was shown.
I wonder: are you happier than I?

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1 Response to The Happiness Spectrum

  1. groomie says:

    I see that you’ve been thinking about happiness too. Marilynn, I’ve got an 11:30 phone appt on Wednesday and wonder if we can meet at 1, instead of noon? My call should only be 30 minutes.

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