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My future self’s a stranger to my brain, the neuroscience tells us. I don’t know me ten years hence, the analysts explain, but I forgot the me of months ago. My memory is good. I journalize to ballast it and … Continue reading

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Ahuacatl (Notes in LA)

Around these parts the freeways take a “the,” and most the avenues are boulevards. The hills wear tumbleweed and slides of scree, and ice plant holds the turf in sloped backyards. Here every avocado tastes divine, the citrus never fails, … Continue reading

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Now that I’m not going to the office every day, I’m making more meals at home. I was walking to the market the other day, thinking about real food, and I remembered spinach frittata. Everyone liked the old recipe. Hot … Continue reading

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I didn’t plant the sprinklers in the yard – the man I purchased from had them installed – and learning how to set them wasn’t hard, but that’s the only part I learned. One stalled this season, balky in ascent … Continue reading

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Earthquake Weather

There’s no such thing as earthquake weather, say the experts in agreement. There’s no link between this kind of hot and windy day and pressure in a fault. How could you think the air’s in touch with magma? That’s a … Continue reading

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In general, the goods that we create we can repair, but sometimes we must start afresh with new design, and orchestrate a different way, and pull our stuff apart, to make it well. At times a damaged bone requires breaking … Continue reading

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Time o’ Year

The arc of Helios advances south and hides its rays from me in neighbor trees, while every garden squirrel fills her mouth with anything available. Degrees of early autumn warmth entice us out of shirt sleeves, while wisteria discards its … Continue reading

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The Caliber of Avocado

There was a family wedding last month. My 35 year old nephew tied the knot with his girlfriend of six years. The bride is 29 and of Thai descent. She grew up in the LA basin, so that’s where we … Continue reading

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Hiding from Ourselves

I have a friend who always hates the folks she loves the most. It’s like she can’t maintain affection that won’t chafe; it rubs and pokes her where she’s tender, till it places strain upon relationships that ought to hold. … Continue reading

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Off White Take Off

The date is mid September, and it’s white outside, the normal hue for mornings here. We’re chillier than average and we might see rain, but fog’s our a.m. atmosphere all summertime except when we pull heat the Central Valley dried. … Continue reading

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