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Generation Skipping

“You do too much,” my mother says of late, who used to carp at me for laziness. I haven’t shirked real work. I’m 68, and though I harbor barks of craziness, I’ve never dropped an oar. I pull my weight, … Continue reading

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Meant Empty Words

It does no good to say I told you so. That irritates the hearer to a snit. The speaker was correct, and needn’t throw a boast about. It’s inappropriate and doesn’t work. Like when you’re judging me, you say you’re … Continue reading

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Pathetic Fallacy

The weather seemed in sympathy that day with his despair: abysmal dismal guy. But that was mere coincidence – the way he staggered out, tear-blinded as the sky shellacked his pain with rainfall. Inside out ran water, but that wasn’t … Continue reading

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