Cause and Effect

Remember when the sun appeared each day?
When sky at 2 p.m. was nothing strange?
I understand the cause with full dismay:
the term for it of late is climate change.
We saw it coming 60 years ago.
My father gave me Silent Spring to read,
and woke me to ecology. I know
too much of how this sequence must proceed.

And yet, there still are morons who proclaim
that facts are only guesses, and what’s worse,
our culture grants them air time, press, and fame.
The bad decisions made, we can’t reverse
the dread effects produced by selfish cause:
the consequence of breaking natural laws.

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2 Responses to Cause and Effect

  1. Jane Gorsi says:

    WOW!!!!! Your poetry is beautiful, and this is is extra special. Thank you for adding something wonderful to each day. I am a friend of Carey Groom, who hipped me to your poems. Bless you both.

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