So much of what I thought I understood
is contradicted by the recent past.
My turf was a suburban neighborhood –
of course I thought that ambience would last.
But values taught as permanent and good
were post-war pushes, marketed so fast
and flashy, flooding on a PR tide
that flourished 50 years to now subside.

I had ideas about our special ways.
Although I knew that persons could be cruel,
I bought the common wisdom: goodness pays;
and everyone will benefit from school.
And while I witnessed myriad displays
of ignorance, unfairness and uncool
behavior, yet I cherished the conceit
that we had common ground beneath our feet.

I learned we were in trouble at 13
(my father gave me Carson to peruse),
but till about 10 years ago, the scene
was not as hopeless. Now I know we’ll lose
the climate war, no matter what we green.
Now I can’t ignore the way we choose.
More data doesn’t matter. Even still,
the climate-change deniers sling their swill.

We seem suspended on the cusp of change.
I don’t know how economy can heal.
I’m rooting for diversity’s full range
(new cultural ideas hold strong appeal –
non-binary is sensible and strange –
variety is evolution’s deal).
So much of what I thought was incorrect
or partial. I don’t know what to expect.

(Ottava Rima)

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