At least ten years ago I heard it: If
you don’t know where you’re going, any road
will take you there. I memorized that whiff
of wisdom, locked it in like magic code,
for it’s too good to lose. I recollect
it frequently, as businesses expire –
ten thousand sole proprietors neglect
to form the plans all sound campaigns require.

A life accumulates like beads on thread –
from root to route it gathers segments fast.
Live long enough, and after you are dead
we’ll rate the inventory you amassed.
And only if you’re faithful to intent
will that include accomplishments you meant.

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2 Responses to Intention

  1. Nice. Yeah, seems like “to amass” is not necessarily “to achieve”. I like the positive formulation of your wisdom. It could be also expressed differently, e.g., like “if you don’t know where to go, you won’t arrive anywhere” … Thanks.

    • sputterpub says:

      Thanks for the read/comment. I think we all amass an inventory. For those with intention that inventory will include achievements. And it’s not my wisdom…my recent search indicates that George Harrison used similar words in “Any Road,” but the originator of the idea was Lewis Carroll.

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