The Hour Hand

We know the clock face features moving hands,
but we can’t watch the motion of the one
for hours. Everybody understands
it moves, yet eyes do not perceive its run.
In growing up with analog, our frame
of reference thus includes the metaphor
that shift occurs – some things are not the same –
though none of us observe the move for sure.

And sometimes we don’t notice that we change.
I’m me right now like I was yesterday –
no tragedy’s occurred since then, no strange
event that might have altered me, okay?
But life’s an hour hand – there’s still a case
for teaching kids the analog clock face.

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2 Responses to The Hour Hand

  1. groomie says:

    A timely poem! But seriously: who made that ridiculous decision to stop teaching children analog time? We should start a nationwide protest about this. We could call it MFTT or something like that (Mothers for Teaching Time!)

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