Skeptical (HA 81 Interlocking Rubaiyat)

House Arrest

I used to trust the scientists and press
to separate the careful from the guess.
I saw the politicians who abuse
the truth, but thought the scholars would address

the subjects with strict discipline, and choose
the rigors of the lab and peer reviews.
But now I know that bias was naive,
for capital concerns corrupt the news,

and scientific sycophants believe
that funding means the published must deceive.
Too many trade good work for cash and fame –
they flock and grab and gossip, and then leave.

I think a lab mistake may be to blame,
and metabolic illness must inflame
the tragic situation we endure.
I’m salting every bureaucratic claim.

A safe effective shot? I’m not so sure.
The process of prevention is obscure.
The quoted seem corrupt or immature.
Republicans are hiding in manure.

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