The Forever Virus (HA 80 Chanso)

House Arrest

Of course I don’t want anybody scared.
My rhymes are never meant to channel grief.
But if you have an urge to feel prepared,
then watch for facts instead of hot belief.

It may be vain to vest in a vaccine
the means to stop this virus in its tracks.
Attacks on respiration tend to mean
there won’t be shot protection: look at facts.

Somebody put a “warp” in front of “speed,”
and overlooked the meaning of the word,
for even if each citizen agreed
in ways, to rush the testing is absurd.

They told us statins didn’t carry risk!
They demonized cholesterol and salt.
Avoiding fat, our food got sugar-kissed,
and though our nation’s sick, we’ve yet to halt.

Perhaps the virus wins this dire race.
Our best protection’s good immune response.
It cannot hurt to give each other space,
but let’s give natural health a renaissance.

We’re not lost yet. The wisest will resort
to foods and use that give our cells support.

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