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More Good Than Gold

Though silence may be golden, that dependson what inspires it. When it proceedsfrom earnest ignorance, it none offends,but is that gold? Or simply lack of noise?The platinum of silence comprehendshow biding and awaiting leads to good.To dwell unsure and pause … Continue reading

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Appreciation (A Pushkin Sonnet)

Existence seems a precious state of being –a rare and lucky possibility,with creatures capable of somehow seeing,to finite age before mortality.I wasn’t born an ant (and that’s appealing) –I’m able to sense consciousness and feeling.I wasn’t doomed to be a … Continue reading

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They Seem Too Scared (Millennials)

They seem too scared to me to be content,too anxious to be thoroughly preparedfor all contingencies and each event.They seem too scared. Did parents over-hover? Were they caredfor to ridiculous and ill extent?What caused their nervousness to be so bared? … Continue reading

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Stupid Moves

Coronavirus sent me to my room,of course increasing time alone for me.I got away sometimes, or met by Zoomand FaceTime, but there were more hours freefor solitaire – I went from one to threea day, amassing undefeated streaks.I learned to … Continue reading

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