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Tints & Tones

He saw the world in color, but his coursewas black & white cartoonish absolutes.His superheroes had explosive forceand all his villains acted thorough brutes.A man’s a man, and alpha is preferred;a woman misbehaving is a bitch.And so it stood until … Continue reading

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Just Because

I’ve never seen her fish for compliments.A testimonial will make her wince;she disregards most subtext and warm hints.She understands her own intelligence.Accustomed to disparagement long since(her mother ever criticized her flawsand no rebuttal served to unconvince),she learned self-validation, just because. … Continue reading

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Assessing Twenty Twenty Two today,I think it was a better year for methan several recently. I have to say –I got along with everyone I love;the fire season spared us smoke; dismayabout our politics was almost low;my health improved (though … Continue reading

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Ignoring You

Ignoring you is not a goal for me.But carping hot and bothered like a shrew,your shrieking carves the only path I see:ignoring you. When I share bothered feelings like I do,you leap to denigrate my familywith facile observations, never true. … Continue reading

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