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Puzzle Progress

This jigsaw puzzle’s numerous and hard.I thought I’d quit it if it took me days,but now I’m hooked in table-covered craze. My daughter sent it like a New Year’s card.She bought one for herself and distance-plays.This jigsaw puzzle’s numerous and … Continue reading

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TG Day Plan

The last two years we’ve brought Thanksgiving fareto Portland for that branch of family.But they’ve requested we not visit there,protecting compromised immunity.And then our aged mother asked we spareher risk of sick from love’s proximity.We hear and understand. We think … Continue reading

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Another Cancellation

It sometimes takes awhile to adjustto change that’s catastrophic or severe.I didn’t rate that quake – I walked and buseduntil I heard the Series disappear.Or how the signs of my old age have slammed me,when teenagers I meet have sweetly … Continue reading

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Holiday Weekend

There’s precious dullness in family these rainy Sunday afternoons.

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The First and Last Chanumas

I was nearly eleven the year I prevailed. I don’t remember formulating my argument, but I do recall presenting it. In a natural series. I started about two weeks before the holiday. “I love Chanukah,” I said to my parents. … Continue reading

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