It happened she was hurt when she was five –
abandoned for barbaric surgery.
And afterwards, although she did survive
of course, she altered her trajectory,
assuming all responsibility
for reaching full potential depth and length.
She cultivated stamina and strength.

Disclosive and ungettable she grew.
No secrets meant she never had to lie.
It’s only decades later, in review,
she clearly sees she clearly didn’t try
to love her mate enough to satisfy
him then, her now – she had her fervent guard
up all those years, till love became too hard.

There were so many gateways to defend!
Invulnerable might have let her win
but she was ambushed, needing to contend
with love exploding, rocking her within
a year of her first child’s origin.
Then passion she’d restricted and suppressed
oozed forth, to seize her heart and heat her breast.

(Rhyme Royal)

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