Grains of Salt


I’ve heard it claimed more often than I need
that something said a lot must hold some truth.
The argument is used by folks who feed
on propaganda, typecasts, and uncouth
attempts to sort us into pigeonholes
that don’t apply to solitary souls,
or even to some cohorts vast and gross;
their broadsides aren’t made for someone close.

Statistics only work to show the way
when they’re applied to groups near infinite;
to sort a friend they’re inappropriate.
Cliches contain a grain of truth, most say,
but nothing’s built of grains. I wish they’d quit
asserting such unthinking stupid shit.

(Pushkin Sonnet)

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2 Responses to Grains of Salt

  1. groomie says:

    A sonnet about gaslighting— well done!

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